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Focal Point

In my exercise class (I do Barre exercise), when we get up to tree pose, the instructor says, “OK, now gently lift your foot off the bar, bring your hands to prayer, place your foot on the inside of your thigh, and focus on a point in front of you.”

Without fail, if I haven’t picked a focal point in front of me (usually it’s the brand of exercise shirt that the woman in front of me is wearing) then I’m teetering and on the verge of toppling right over.

Focal points keep us balanced. When we’re aiming for something, we keep our balance better. It’s like our goals. Our goals aren’t there for us to beat ourselves up with when we don't meet them, they’re there for FOCUS. So that we know where to look, and how to stay balanced.

Without a goal, we’re aimlessly teetering. Or fully toppling. What’s your focal point? What’s your next goal in life? Where are you headed?

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Unknown member
Aug 21, 2021

Hello nice blogg

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