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Chana Labkowski

As a health coach myself, I am someone that believes passionately in the power of coaching. Adina Landa has a way of getting me to the results that I’m looking for in my life. What I find to be most powerful about this kind of coaching is the method and tools learnt can be used for any situation and relationship I face. It’s really a one stop shop. It’s about investing in myself a few minutes each day that makes little shifts for the positive, that have a ripple effect on all the areas of my life. Adina creates a personalized worksheet for me to use to practice my newly acquired skills. It’s so much more than just talking. The results are testimony to its worth. I’ve been around the block, in search of self growth, and answers to struggles I face as a woman, wife and mother Bh. Adina is the real deal. She’s got a deep bag of tricks, a big heart and a strong investment in your happiness and success. My commitment to life coaching will reap results for the rest of my life. It’s the difference between your life living you, and you really living your life. I only wish that I had started her life coaching years ago!


Adina has empowered me to be me- the capable, calm, and kinder to myself me. Before starting coaching, I found myself easily overwhelmed and lost in my own head, unsure how to channel my thoughts and feelings. I knew I wanted to change my default way of thinking and behaving, but how? Adina was SUPER practical - in just one month, my home (and myself) has changed.  I love how Adina is so invested in her clients. From making me own workbooks, suggesting great reading materials, personalized worksheets, checking in, emailing me resources, in addition to the 1 hour calls- it is so clear that she really cares and gives personal attention and support.  No matter how many new clients she has- I still feel like a top priority. I am so grateful for all the skills I have gained, wisdom, worksheets, etc and for being shown the great potential that I have within, how to use it, and a better quality to live life with better thoughts that serve me

Thank you!


Working with Adina has been incredible. The conversations are catered exactly to what you would like to work on, with deep and thoughtful introspection along with positive laughs. Adina has an abundance of practical advice, empathy, passion and joy. She has guided me through my struggles and I am infinitely grateful for having done this coaching and becoming a more calm, happy, confident and fulfilled person as a result.


BH I was blessed with numerous babies close in age. Although this was a dream come true, I found myself feeling very depressed, dysfunctional, and wanting to run away from the job called motherhood. This went on for 2 years until I found myself feeling stuck in a very dark place. I tried working with mental health professionals and saw little or no results. I felt alone on this journey, feeling like no one understands what I am going through. One day I saw a post online mentioning Adina Landa, Life and relationship coach and Shlucha to Novato, CA. After browsing her website, I called her up and scheduled a 30 min free session. I signed up for her 6 week program where we worked on combating our inner bully voice, self care and what that means for me, how to achieve confidence, dealing with yelling children, how to be setup for success, overcoming anxiety and depression, rewiring the way we view certain things and lots of other issues. 


Working with Adina has been transformational. She is honest and understands the challenges I am going through and most importantly I see positive results. Each week she made a personalized worksheet with do goals for the item/s I want to work on. BH, by the end of 6 weeks I looked in the mirror and saw a different person, I was out of bed, exercising daily,  and in a better, healthier place mentally and emotionally. I signed up for another 6 weeks so I can continue working on being a happy, healthy, wife and Mommy! I strongly believe that this is a coaching course lots of Mommies can benefit from. Do yourself, your husband and your kids a favor and work with Adina.

Rivkah Leah Gelb

I have loved working with Adina so far! When I work with her I feel like she’s truly listening and able to shed light on what I’m struggling with. She has helped me flip the problem to see a different perspective, while offering constructive, neutral, encouraging and relevant feedback. Not only do I think she has a gift at understanding people and scenarios deeply but she is extremely knowledgeable in her field and proving to be an expert in the realm of personal actualization. She continues to show me how I can take my current circumstances and create more happiness, success and growth. I am always really excited to have our calls and amazed each time that she still has more to offer during each call! If you are feeling stuck creatively, with work, in family life or within yourself, I’d definitely recommend giving her a call to see how she can help!


Working under Adina’s guidance has completely shifted how I view my life.

For the first time, I feel like I have been shown that I possess the ability to unlock my greatest life potential.  Understanding that my inner dialogue and mental pathways weren't serving the woman I wanted to become was a major breakthrough that Adina helped me to uncover.  Recognizing how my inner dialogue contributed to my thoughts, feelings, actions, and outcomes has enabled me to change my story and restore my confidence. Having an unbiased life coach (not a therapist, girlfriend, sister, or mother) who is present, and vested in developing real life strategies for  my success, is the best gift I could have ever given myself. Amazingly, I have been able to change my mindset and approach in life in a very short period of time. Additionally, I have been able to take the new skills I have acquired, and apply them to real life situations. My relationships have improved tremendously, I have a newfound sense of ease as a working mother, and an authentic sense of acceptance for who I am as a person.  Adina’s kind approach is compassionate, matter of fact, and intelligent. Investing in myself has been a true game changer, and I am so happy that I took advantage of Adina’s free consultation. I knew I needed assistance in my life, but I didn’t know where or how, or even what to ask. It took plenty of courage to share my inner thoughts and struggles with a stranger, but Adina created a safe space, and truly demonstrated that she was on that call to create positive changes for me. 


What I learned from my life-coaching sessions with Adina is that I don't need to be stuck in a rotten relationship. I can take the reins and make it a positive one from my end! I can't change others but by changing myself, I will be a lot happier in any situation. Adina is so patient and asks really good thought-provoking questions to challenge my negative thought-processes. In just a few short sessions, she has taught me a lot about friendships and people and life.

Life-coaching with Adina got me past my present hurdles, but even more, teaches me to recognize how I got into a rut and how to steer away from getting there in the future. And most importantly, she taught me to value and appreciate myself for who I already am, and to value and appreciate others for who they are. I'm glad I did this!


Like many others I was overwhelmed with my anxiety. Even though I showed up in life as having it all together, I was actually burdened by these anxious feelings. My anxiety disrupted my ability to engage in satisfying relationships with certain family members.


One day I watched Adina’s first video and was so moved by her message that I immediately contacted her for personal guidance.


Adina has such a passion for helping others foster healthy relationships. She listens non-judgmentally, gives reassurances it is possible to live a fulfilling life, and encourages utilizing her worksheets to promote self-help. I committed to practicing my new skills outside of her sessions with me and this has positively affected my thinking, emotional state and behavior, you can be sure.


It has been a couple of months since I met with Adina one-on-one, but it is already so exciting realizing that there is something positive going on with me. Adina has led me to a more healthy and enjoyable way to live my life.


Today I am more confident and more peaceful than I have been in awhile. And a huge part of that has to do with Adina’s guidance.


Adina’s message to me is an important one: The way I think influences how I feel!

Yonit Willis

Adina Landa offers a refreshing take on navigating the ever changing landscape of motherhood. Within just a few weeks of working with her, she has provided me with invaluable insights and has helped me develop the necessary tools to achieve a greater sense of health and wellbeing. Rather than creating a one-size-fits-all approach, Adina guides her clients through a tailor-made course that addresses each individual’s unique circumstances. With wisdom and tenacity, she opens up an emotionally intelligent dialogue, providing sound advice that is sure to shift one’s current paradigm to one that is deeply conscious and profoundly mindful.  

Shira Abramson

I look forward to my weekly talks with Adina. They have helped me shift from an often negative to a realistically positive outlook. Just today, when I met a challenge, I dealt with it in a much more constructive way than I did in the past. It felt great too! I am noticing the power of the thoughts I choose, and how it leads to different results. I highly recommend this to every person open to becoming a little - or a lot - better person.

Henna Shomer

I was always was very cynical of life coaches but after I have done two sessions with Adina I have totally changed my mind. Working with Adina was very action focused and goal oriented. Adina is so compassionate and knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. In a short amount of time I was able to get practical tools that I can apply to all aspects of my life. And as a plus I loved the convenience of doing the session on the phone. I feel like this is work that every single person could benefit from. I *highly* recommend Adina Landa. I found Adina to be super accessible and definitely recommend reaching out to her to see if she is the right fit for you.

Devorie Blasberg

Working with Adina has been very helpful for me. She helped me gather tips on how to stay calm and anxious free, while juggling being a teacher and mother. Anyone who's looking for a life coach, I definitely recommend Adina.

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