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Hi, I'm Adina

When I had 3 kids under 3, I felt like I was drowning, and couldn't get ahead.


I was  always thinking of the next thing.  

When I was with my kids, I couldn't stop thinking about my to-do list, and work stuff, and when I was working I couldn't stop  thinking that I should be with my kids, or more present.

I always felt like I was never enough.  

I was extremely hard on myself.  

I felt like nothing was getting 100% of me.  






I felt like I was spread too thin and everyone (husband, kids, home, work) was missing out.  

And I WAS missing out - I came last and taking care of myself was far from a priority. It felt selfish and trivial.  

And how could I when there were so many other demands on my time and attention?  

Sometimes I felt helpless and hopeless. I remember thinking, "This is life. Mommyhood is crazy. It's always going to be this way."

I had hit my version of rock bottom and it was time to change things.

I hired my own coach. I worked on myself from the inside out. 


And I now love myself AND my mom life.

I have broken a multi-generational chain of low self-confidence.

I don’t indulge in thoughts of “not good enough.”

I don’t compare.

I don’t define myself by the state of my house, or by anything materialistic.

I don’t fall into resentment, or stress, or overwhelm.


I know what my needs are and unapologetically meet those needs. I fill my own cup so that I have so much to give. I love exactly who I am, and always want to be working on myself and evolving into the next best version of myself.


… AND I'm totally OK with failure. And with feeling negative emotion. None of the above happens all of the time, because that's not real life, and that's OK. I know what to do with unwanted thoughts and unwanted emotions when they come up.

circle head shot with chaya.png

Now it's your turn.

Fast forward 6 years, and a fire was lit in my belly. I knew I had to help other moms. So I became a coach. And since then, I have been coaching moms through all the struggles.

No one should have to do it alone. 

We could ALL benefit from the tools, that no one ever taught us, to get from stressed and overwhelmed, to calm and in control. 

ARE YOU READY? Yes, you are. Because you're here. If you've read this far, then we absolutely have to connect over the phone. Let's get started.

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