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Confidence Calendar

You get to invest in yourself to achieve real change

Think about how many things you invest in: your child's education, your car, your house .... how often do you invest in yourself? Real change happens when we take the time to focus on specific areas, flesh out what needs to be done, make a plan, and then MAKE REAL CHANGE. That's what coaching is all about.

There's nothing like having real accountability and measurable goals

How often have you had good intentions, but then never followed through? My guess is, pretty often. And you're not the only one. Unless someone is holding you accountable, and you have actionable measurable to-dos, most of us don't move forward. A coach will be the game-changer that makes sure you DO move forward.


Friends and family can listen to you vent, but a life coach helps you move forward in a strategic, guided way.

I'm often asked, "What's the point of a coach if I can just talk to my sister, my friend, my mentor...?" Of course you can. But those conversations are more chatter, some advice mixed in, some good ol' venting, and perhaps some guidance. That's a very different thing than dedicating consistent time to really manage your mind/emotions, and work through specific challenges together with a coach. 

Client Love


Henna Shomer

I was always was very cynical of life coaches but after I have done two sessions with Adina I have totally changed my mind. Working with Adina was very action focused and goal oriented. Adina is so compassionate and knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. In a short amount of time I was able to get practical tools that I can apply to all aspects of my life. And as a plus I loved the convenience of doing the session on the phone. I feel like this is work that every single person could benefit from. I *highly* recommend Adina Landa. I found Adina to be super accessible and definitely recommend reaching out to her to see if she is the right fit for you.

pic of just nancy holland.jpg

Nancy Holland

Adina has been my coach for several months and has provided me with the clarity I was seeking. I instantly felt at ease with her. Through some enlightening questions, she has helped me to break down my challenges and examine my thought process. She is reliable, sensitive and trustworthy. I feel she possesses the wisdom of a wise elder.

devorie blasberg head shot.JPG

Devorie Blasberg

Working with Adina has been very helpful for me. She helped me gather tips on how to stay calm and anxious free, while juggling being a teacher and mother. Anyone who's looking for a life coach, I definitely recommend Adina.

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