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Set Yourself Up For Success
This Summer
Free Workshop:
Tuesday June 18th - 10 am PST
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With Your Host
Adina Landa

Hi! I'm Adina, Certified Life Coach (specializing in moms).

When I had 3 kids under 3, I felt like I was drowning, and couldn't get ahead. 


Fast forward 6 years, and a fire was lit in my belly. I knew I had to help other moms. So I became a coach. And since then, I have been coaching moms through all the struggles.


No one should have to do it alone. 


We could ALL benefit from the tools, that no one ever taught us, to get from stressed and overwhelmed, to calm and in control. 

Summer is just around the corner...

That means a BIG change in your daily routine. Kids are home or rotating through different camps and daily schedule has to be recalibrated.

And then there’s all those projects you planned to get done in the summer and the first day of school approaches and you wonder, “where did my summer go?”


Let’s make sure to set you up properly.


Join a one and half hour free live workshop: Set Yourself Up for Summer.

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