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Don't use your personality against yourself


You have an awesome G-d given personality. You were crafted and formed intentionally. Exactly as you are. Created in His image. No two people are exactly alike. No two personalities are the exact same. By design.

​So PUH-LEASE don't use your one-of-a-kind-crafted-with-love personality against yourself.

I see it so often. Way too often. 

The mom who says, 

"I just like to be spontaneous, and not all planned out and scheduled. Ugh ... I should really figure out how to be a time-managment master."

"I have so many desires and interests. I keep getting involved in the next thing. I should really just decide on ONE thing, and only do that."

"I feel more comfortable being in the present moment and letting my house be more care-free and not perfectly clean. But I really have to learn how to be an organizational pro."

Fill in your own: the thing that is inherently your beloved personality and yet you use it against yourself, decide it's no good, and it's time to eliminate that piece of yourself because _____ is "​better to be." 


What if that thing you think needs eliminating is EXACTLY the magic and uniqueness that you bring to the world?

What if your exact ​personality​​ is ​the thing​​ that the next person needs to see and be around?

What if your ​kid/s​​ need you to be who you are not who you wish you were? (hint: they do)

​​I want you to be all YOU​. ​And bring your entire creative, unique self to the world. I imagine a world where every person contributes at 100% authentic uniqueness. With passion. Mmmmm.... sounds delicious to me.


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