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Emotional Warrior

I love the idea of being an emotional warrior. I've been doing a lot of my own work around this. If you've watched my two-part training on How to Coach Yourself Part 1 and How to Coach Yourself Part 2, or if you're my client, you're familiar with the Self-Coaching Model (CTFAR).

So if our thoughts create our feelings, which drive our actions, which produce our results—it means that everything starts in the mind.

Whatever problem you think you have, you don't have to fix, if you fix it in your mind. Read that again.

Chew over it.

Problems are only problems because we think they are. If we thought differently, it wouldn't be a problem. I know it may sound too simplified (which it is), but it takes real, sustained, concerted effort to fully grasp this and implement it into your life.

Bottom line is this: Being an emotional warrior means learning how to manage your mind, to produce the emotions you want on purpose. Intentionally. And that is 100% possible and available to you.

You got this, Emotional Warrior Mama. Have a wonderful day,


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