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How to lose weight by appreciating your body more

I was at the gym (yes, I exercise! Gotta follow what I preach :)) today and overheard a mom say, "Ugh, I can't stand my weight right now. I just want to be how I was pre-baby." The woman she was talking to responded, "I hear you. I just try not to look in the mirror too much."

Now, I can't say I'm not guilty of having said similar comments in my lifetime. Especially as moms, our weight fluctuates from pregnancy, nursing, and in between. BUT, it really does make me sad to hear comments like that. I'm going to outline why and then give you my 2-step approach to a healthier mindset for quicker weight loss.

Think about your body for a second. A woman's body is AMAZING. The fact that it can birth a child, nourish a child, and then raise a child ...

Really contemplate on what your body does for you right now. And get specific. Like, wow my hands can type right now. I can change my child's diaper. I can prepare dinner. I can smell the eggplant parmesan I have cooking in my oven right now. I can taste the delicious salad I made to go with dinner.

I actually visited an elderly lady today. She had a fall, and as a result, broke her arm pretty badly, and bruised her other arm. She was chair-bound and had pretty limited use of her arms. During my time with her, the mail arrived and I picked it up. Some packages arrived, and I opened them for her. I had cooked soup for her, but she needed me to get the bowl and spoon and pour it.

WOAH. That was a reminder right there how grateful I am for my body and for the little things I can do, which are really big things.

And when you're GRATEFUL for your body, and come from a place of gratitude, the decisions you make (like whether to exercise or what to eat) look entirely different.

Instead of, "I shouldn't eat that cookie, because I'm trying to lose weight," try this: "I love my body. Is this beneficial for it?"

When you start every sentence with "I love my body," and then decide whether that next thing will be good for your body, the results will astound you. The mindset shift is everything.

And I'm not saying you shouldn't eat cookies or rest on the couch (I do both of those happily!). Maybe that's what IS good for your body at that moment. But instead of mindlessly shoving something in your mouth, or just choosing to stay put instead of moving, out of lack of motivation, you'll make choices out of gratitude.

So - 2 steps:

#1 - Contemplate on your body and what it can do for you #2 - Make decisions for your body from a place of gratitude

Try it. And let me know your results.

P.S. Is there a topic you'd like to see a blog post about? Or something you're specifically struggling with that you'd like insight on? I'd love to hear from you!


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