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My brain is a silly story-teller

This line popped out of my client’s mouth and I absolutely LOVE IT. We had been doing tons of thought-work. Her brain was saying things like:

“I need a parenting strategy.” (Sneaky thought, by the way)

“Other moms can handle everything they need to handle.”

“Running a household isn’t hard. Other moms can be present and have fun. For me, it’s the hardest thing.”

Once I repeated these thoughts back to her, and we investigated each one of them, she burst out, “My brain is a silly story-teller!” And we both had a good laugh.

I love the lightness of this line. It’s not like, “Oh gosh, why do I think this way?” (which would be secondary pain on top of primary pain, by the way).

It’s just this light-hearted-noticing type of line that can pivot your thinking and get you back on track to useful thoughts that serve you.

I use this line now all the time for myself, when I’m onto my brain and I see what it’s trying to do.

Or I use the line “The story I’m telling myself is …” to remind myself that it’s just a made-up story.

If you think you have no talents, trust me, I bet your brain is a wonderful storyteller.


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