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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

What’s your first thought when you look at this picture? There’s a lot to choose from:

It could be “Looks like a lot of shoes,” “Why is she posting a pic of shoes?” “I like when my kids shoes are neatly lined up,” or “If only I could get my kids to put their shoes away.”

Seriously, the list of available thoughts are endless.

But I didn’t always know that. My thought when I’d look at my kids shoes strewn about used to be, “I’m a terrible housekeeper.”

Then I’d open the fridge and see an apple that was going moldy and think, “I’m a terrible housekeeper.”

I’d walk into their rooms and see unmade beds, and think, “I’m a terrible housekeeper.”

On and on…. Until my coach brought some great awareness to my attention. She called it OVER-ATTRIBUTION.

Instead of looking at these things and thinking, “There’s messy shoes,” “Apple’s going bad, gotta throw it out,” “Let’s make those beds,” or “Maybe I’d like to start getting my kids in the habit of making their own beds,” I was busy giving unnecessary and FALSE meaning to everyday events.


Now my brain can look at my kids’ shoes and say, “Oh, shoes.” And then go have fun being a present mom.

Where in your life are you over-attributing? Where are you giving negative meaning to something, far beyond its simplistic neutrality?


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