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Process, not Product

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Here's something I've been thinking about recently ... the prevailing desire in our society to have the finished product. To celebrate our results. To get to the finish line.

Which is maybe why I hear so many moms saying, "I don't feel accomplished." WHAT!?!? I hear this so often and every time it feels like a punch in my stomach (on their behalf).

SO ... I got to thinking about it. How can it be that moms - humans that have sacrificed their bodies, their sleep, maybe their careers, and so much more, to bring another human into the world - don't feel accomplished? And I came to the conclusion that it's because in motherhood, you don't have a finished product. A result. A finish line. It doesn't end.

SO... to that I say, let's learn to love the PROCESS, not the PRODUCT. What if life wasn't about the finish line, but about enjoying the marathon along the way?

Instead of praising your child for the good grade they got, you praise them for the effort and hard work they put in, along the way. Process, not product.

Instead of focusing on when your business/career will hit your dream goals, focus on the energy and joy you put in to it. Process, not product.

Instead of wishing your little kid were bigger so life would get easier, just accept your mothering stage for what it is right now. Process, not product.

Instead of beating yourself up over not yet being where you want to be in life, love yourself for where you are right now. Process, not product.

You get the idea. Now it's your turn. Pull out a sheet of paper and do your own "Process, not product" exercise. Write down where in your life you've been focused too much on the result, that you forgot to smell the roses along the way.

Process, not product, my friend.


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