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What's important now?

en sharing testimonials of my clients, I use the terminology of a CLIENT WIN. When speaking to my clients on the phone, I do the same thing. I'll say things like, "That's a win!" or "Notice your wins!"

Do you know what a win is? WIN stands for What's Important Now? Now, I know that that's not what we're taught as we grow up and learn about winning and losing. But that black-and-white, all-or-nothing way of operating is actually self-sabotage.

If you think a "win" is when you learn to NEVER be overwhelmed, or NEVER get angry, or NEVER experience anxiety again, then you're setting yourself up for failure, my friend.

And that's exactly why a "win" to me can mean that you were super overwhelmed and then you slowed your thinking down enough to recognize what thoughts were producing that. And then you took yourself to "what's important now?" and shifted yourself out of overwhelm.

OR you got super annoyed because your day didn't turn out the way you thought it would, and then you slowed your brain down enough to realize what thoughts you were thinking that produced the feeling of "annoyed" in your body, and shifted to thinking about what's important now to get yourself out of “annoyed.”

See what I mean here? A "win" is experiencing that emotion that you may not want to be experiencing, and then getting super curious and recognizing where it's coming from (hint: NOT the things and people and events happening around you, NOT circumstances). That process takes you straight into “what's important NOW.” It's the best place to be in.


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