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You are not your house

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

I had to add this ^^^^ video,

just to make you feel better about yourself :) .

I took this video of my kitchen.

Why oh why do we women judge ourselves based on the state of our homes?

How often do you apologize when someone walks in your doors? Like, "Oh I'm so sorry for the mess." OR "Excuse the mess, please."

A friend of mine with 8 kids once said, "Why should I apologize for the mess? My kids should apologize! They're the ones who made it!" I loved that. I only wish we could all internalize that.

Think about the people in your life that you love and appreciate the most. Now think about what you love and appreciate about them..... I'm giving you a minute here. Have you thought about it? Did "her house is perfectly clean" pop into your head as something you love and appreciate about your nearest and dearest? .... I didn't think so,

I'll tell you a little secret about myself: I'm actually more comfortable in "messy" homes. Makes me feel normal. Relatable. Cozy. But regardless, it's not about other people's homes that matter, but what we think of our own. And what we make the state of our homes mean about us.

So when did immaculately clean homes become a marker of how we think about ourselves? Like we're no good if we don't have that pinterest-worthy, lick-the-floors, everything-matches-home? I've heard this from so many moms, that I lost count. And I'll be the first to tell you that I used to belong to that club of "We-define-ourselves-by-the-state-of-our-house."

But no more.

Instead let's think about the VIBES we want our home to radiate. The WARMTH and LOVE and COMFORT that people feel within our homes. Let's make that be our focus and stop beating ourselves up for the rest of it.

And some of my favorites to keep in mind:


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