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Are you a perfectionist?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020


And if you need a little more to really let the message sink in, here's a few more ways of hearing the same message:

~If you're focused on doing it right, you won't do it at all. You know you're not doing it right, if you're not doing it at all. ~Perfection gets in the way of action. ~'Better' is the enemy of 'good enough.'

Do you ever not do something, because you first want to make sure it's perfect? Or better? You want to get it right, make the right decision? That perfection seeking just leads you to stagnation....To inaction...To no forward movement, no momentum.

Let's drop the perfectionism and go for the "good enough." Action is better than inaction (for a positive purpose).

Let's embrace "good enough:" I am a 'good enough' mother. I am a 'good enough' friend. I am a 'good enough' spouse. I am a 'good enough' employer/employee.

(Hey, if you're ready to substitute 'fantastic' or 'phenomenal' instead of 'good enough,' by all means, go for it. But if you're down on yourself in any area, it's probably the perfectionism voice getting in your way. Embrace 'good enough.')

It's in the small things, my friend. Just take one step toward forward movement of your goals or dreams.


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