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Clean Thinking

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Do you have any idea what goes on in your brain? I’m sure you do...Some of the time. But humans have somewhere between 60,000-80,000 thoughts A DAY! That’s a lot. And so much of those thoughts just go unchecked, flitting through our brain as we go about our day.

Did you know that you can intentionally and deliberately slow your brain down, and replace unproductive thoughts with productive ones? I do it with my clients all the time. And I've personally done this with myself and seen massive changes in my life because of it.

You can re-wire the neural pathways in your brain that have been so grooved with thoughts that don’t serve you.

You can clean up your mind.


So here’s an exercise-

“The Clean Thinking Workout.”

1. Write down ALL your thoughts on a piece of paper. Unedited. Just write for a few minutes straight without thinking into it. I call it a Thought Dump. Dump your thoughts on a clean sheet of paper.

2. Separate facts and drama. What is ABSOLUTELY true, and what is your OPINION? Be careful here. You’re going to want to tell yourself that this is absolutely true, while in fact it’s just an opinion. “She’s so rude” or “He’s so mean” or “That was awful,” are all opinions.

3. Pick out the thoughts that are not serving you (one way to know this is to see how you feel when you think that thought).

4. Write a new, believable thought that is more productive, without the drama. Ask yourself a better question about the thing that’s bothering you, such as “How do I WANT to feel about this?” “How can I make this more fun and enjoyable?”

De-cluttering your mind is so fun. And feels SO good. Think about how you feel after you finally get through that junk drawer that's been driving you nuts for a few months. Cleaning up your mind will be 100x more exhilarating. Especially because you carry your mind around with you all day.

Let me know how it goes.


Hey! I'll give you an hour of my life to help you transform yours! Pretty cool, right? You can email me and we'll set something up.


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