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Crazy months

“This month is so crazy.”

Which month would you say that about?

Some moms say that about September (perhaps the getting back to school rush?).

Some moms say that about December (end-of-year stuff, winter break … ).

Some moms say that about a certain month of their year that is filled with holidays.

Guess what? There are no crazy months. Months are just months. YOU choose how you show up to your month. Notice, I didn’t say you choose what happens in your month. Yes, you might have a month where it’s all the back-to-school stuff, or a month filled with holiday preparations. That’s what’s happening. But you choose how you show up to your month. And craziness is optional. It’s a word that you could choose to use or choose not to use when you think about your month.

You could make a choice: I will not let this month be crazy for me. I refuse to be stressed or let stress seep into my family life.

Months? Those are just segments of days. That’s all. How do you want to feel about this month?


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