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Empower yourself

Updated: May 15, 2022

Words are very important. The thoughts we think and the words we use to express those thoughts are like a brush to the canvas of our lives. I can get very nit-picky on my own choice of words. And on my client's choice of words.

There's EMPOWERING language that we use, and then there's DISEMPOWERING language. Disempowering looks like ...

Life got in the way.

It didn't get done.

My to-do list didn't happen.

I don’t have ____________ (time, money, energy etc.)

I can't

I'm trying (but I'm not committed)

I should

I don't know

Do you see how that kind of language gives away all your power? As if there's this thing outside of you that is controlling you. Like life happens to you instead of you showing up to your life powerfully, and making choices.

Empowering looks like:

I choose to do/not do ____________

I have enough ______________ (time, energy, money etc)

I’m grateful for

I enjoy

I can

I love

I create

Do you see how this kind of language puts the power in your hands? You show up to your life powerfully, and make choices that serve you and the life you want to create.

Today, choose gratitude, joy, and love! (You can't go wrong with those.)


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