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Hard can be beautiful

“Woah, 4 kids?!? Isn’t that hard?”

I get this comment a lot from people.

“Yep—but hard doesn’t mean bad,” I often quip back.

Somehow in our society, we’ve started equating hard with bad. If it’s hard, we don’t want to do it. We want the easy way out. An easy life. We avoid things that are hard.

But hard could also be rewarding. Fulfilling. Meaningful. Life-changing. That’s what having 4 kids is. All of the above.

Crazy. Magical. Fun. Challenging. Breathtaking. Exhausting. Purposeful..

“Hard” doesn’t capture all of the things that mothering is.

One lady at the gym said to me, “Wow you’re a rockstar.”

YES. Yes I am. So are you. We are mama-rockstars. It’s not about the number of kids. It’s about the willingness to do hard things for the sake of all the other magic that happens alongside it.

Part of the hidden magic in this “hard” thing of raising 4 delicious children is SIBLINGS. They have each other. And there is no greater gift than a sibling.

What hard things are you willing to do? What’s the hidden magic that comes along with it?

Hard can be beautiful, my friends.


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