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Here's the scary thing I did

I read a quote once that said: When it comes to changing your life, if you’re not scared, you’re doing something wrong.

It got me thinking …

Am I holding onto my security blanket? What am I NOT doing out of fear?

Holding onto security can be:

  • Not leaving a relationship that you know isn’t serving you

  • Not applying for the job you love because you’re scared you’ll be rejected

  • Playing small

  • Not investing in yourself because you’re too scared to lose the money and believe in yourself

  • Not starting your own business that you’ve always wanted to, for fear of failure

Here’s the thing: Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin.

Trying to protect yourself from your fears protects you from experiencing a fully evolved and juicy life.

I did A VERY SCARY THING a few weeks ago. I invested $5000 that I didn’t have (thank goodness for credit cards 😄) in coaching for myself. This number (for me) was enough to make my heart pound and my hands sweat before saying yes. I didn’t make the decision in an instant. I agonized for a bit first.

And then I asked myself this, “What am I giving up by saying no to this opportunity? And what am I gaining by saying yes?”

Here’s what my mind came up with:

  • Belief in myself that I can make my investment back

  • The ability to expand and grow as a person and as a coach

  • The opportunity to work with this specific coach

  • The feeling of doing something incredibly scary for myself and then exulting in the realization that I find myself as “worthy” as paying my kids’ tuition

  • Stepping into my clients’ shoes for a moment to experience what it’s like for them when they say “yes” to themselves, even if it’s scary for them (although I don’t charge anything close to $5000 😄)

And once I realized that it was my fear, my playing it small, my lack of belief in myself that I would make my investment well worth it, I was ready to go all in on myself.

When I casually mentioned to one of my clients that I invest in coaching, she was shocked. "You do?? You need a coach???" It really made me laugh. We could ALL benefit from investing in ourselves. And after experiencing the deep power of coaching, of course I'm going to make sure to keep investing in that.

Here's the kind of coaching I’ve invested and continue to invest in:

✅ 1:1 Coaching (just me and a coach!) - $7000

✅ Small Group Coaching (5-20 participants) - $5000

✅ Large Group Coaching (800 + participants) - $2000/yr + $300/month

I do this because I think the greatest tool I have is my MIND, and so the best investment I can make is in my own BRAIN, which translates of course to my thoughts, feelings, actions, and results. (Basically, my entire life 😂.)

So, what have you been afraid to do? Put your work out into the world? Sign up for pottery classes (because which mom has time for something as “self-indulgent” as THAT?)? Apply for your dream job? Clear the air between you and a family member/friend? Invest in yourself?

Figure out what it is, and then go do that scary thing. Let your fear be your compass.


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