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How to get more done:

This month, I’ve been working really powerfully and intentionally on upping my productivity.

I’m having lots of fun with it, asking myself questions like, “How much can I get done in these 20 minutes?” (In an exciting, curious, challenging kind of way, not a beat-myself-up-when-I-don’t-finish-my-to-do-list kind of way)

I have a whole process to it, but I’ll share with you some of the techniques I’ve been using to double or even triple my productivity.

First, just to explain why: This year I have added 10 coaching clients to my weekly calendar, without dropping anything else that I’ve been doing (e.g., mothering 4 kids, planning and executing community programming and events, exercising, prioritizing sleep, etc.). So that means I have to up my productivity, right?

Here’s some of what I’ve been implementing to stretch my self-limiting beliefs about what is possible for me:

1) Productivity is about the result produced, not the time spent. So, for example, I’ll plan for a result: By the end of these ten minutes, this email needs to be written and sent.

2) Plan, plan, plan. I plan out my days fully. Instead of just “having time” and then figuring out what to do with it and what’s most important in that moment, I’m getting better at planning out exactly what I’ll do when.

3) Give yourself a time limit and then stick to it. And be OK with B- work. Perfectionism is for scared people. Honor the time limit no matter what.

When you’re in school and something is due, it’s due. You know you have to give it in. What if you had to finish that specific goal or project in the time limit you gave yourself and that was that?

4) Realize that when it’s on your calendar—and the time comes—your brain won’t want to do it. If you put “exercise” on your calendar, when that time comes, your brain might say, “Yeah, but I’m tired,” or “This other thing is so much more important right now.” Plan for your brain to object (it’s just doing its job) and override it.

It’s been amazing watching myself surpass the limits on what I thought was possible. Try it for yourself.

Here's the video for the 5-Minute Solution Series #10: How to Get More Done Part 1 and #15: How to Get More Done Part 2 (I highly encourage you to watch these as well! Between putting the information from this email and the two videos together, and then applying it, you'll definitely see a change!)


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