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How to stop worrying:

I've got news for you:

You can't control your past.

You can't control your future. (I know, I'm sorry. I promise if there was a way to, I'd tell you.) You know what you can control? Your thoughts and feelings right now.

Worry is what's responsible for unrealized and unfulfilled dreams.

Worry pretends to be necessary.

How would your life change if you refused to worry?

We use worry as an excuse not to take action.

But you know what? Worry IS an action. You're actively worrying instead of actively taking productive action.

How much time do you spend worrying?

You have the power to make the decision to never worry. Seriously. Write that down and post it on all your mirrors if worry is an emotion that often consumes you.

Think about this: Where is worry required in order to take action? Or in order to get a positive outcome? I can't think of anything. Can you?

So get yourself determined to remove worry from your life. Here's the steps:

4 Steps to Stop Worrying:

1. Ask yourself, “What am I worrying about?” Label it and name it.

2. Ask yourself, “What is the worst-case scenario?” Don't just worry vaguely. Write down the facts.

3. Make peace with the facts. Facts are completely neutral until we add our own thoughts to them.

4. Take action from a clean place.

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