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Image Maintenance is EXHAUSTING

Image maintenance is very exhausting

​I talk a lot [like here in episode #2 - How to have more energy, and in episode #16 - How to solve for exhaustion (or tired)] about all the ways you drain your own energy, so you can be aware of it, and get more energy. (Who doesn’t want that!?!)

There is A LOT that can exhaust you ASIDE from not getting enough sleep, exercise, healthy food intake, and work overload.

I’ve spoken about indecision and how exhausting that is.

You know what else is very exhausting? Image maintenance. Keeping up with the Goldbergs.

Image maintenance is when you rush to clean your house to perfection before someone comes over because you’re worried about what they’ll think of your housekeeping skills if you don’t.

Image maintenance is when you frantically try to find out the latest hair accessories that girls are wearing these days, so that you can endlessly search the internet for an affordable knock-off, just to keep your daughters “in fashion.”

Image maintenance is when you get lost on pinterest searching for ways to make your table (or event) look more elegant for the guests, but the panic is slowly rising when you see how much work it all entails.

You get the idea right?

Here’s exactly how to beat image maintenance to the ground:

you decide that people love you exactly the way you are (because they do). And you decide that you love you exactly the way you are (because it’s the best decision ever). And then you drop the exhausting work of image maintenance. Done.

And watch how much your energy level increases. To having more energy for the stuff that fuels us, Adina


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