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Kids off of school?!

When summer is approaching, or winter break, or holidays, you might very well be thinking the thoughts that so often creep up … Ugh, I hate when kids have vacation from school. Just the thought of all my kids being home freaks me out. I need my space. I need all my kids in school. Oh gosh, I'm such a bad mom for even thinking this. Aren't I supposed to love having vacation time with my kids? Why can't I just look forward to it? All these other moms seem to love their time with their kids—what's wrong with me? Why can't I enjoy this time like them?

If you feel like I just crawled into your brain and read your mind, don't freak out. It's only because this used to be my brain. I was there. To the point where, if one of my kids were sick, my FIRST thought was not "Oh, poor thing," it was "Oh gosh, now I have to have a kid home with me today?!"

But guess what? You don't have to feel this way. There IS another way.

There are 1001 ways to be a good mother. There is NO WAY to be a perfect mother, and thousands of ways to be a good one. Read that again. Beating yourself up over how you feel about motherhood isn't going to help you love your motherhood. Neither is falsely assuming that other moms have it all together and love every second (who loves every second?!).

Put yourself into "future-you's-shoes" and imagine that …

… you were able to enjoy your kids

… you knew your needs, and met them, so that your inner happiness could spill over into your mom life

… you stopped beating yourself up for the way you mothered and started loving on yourself

… you stopped comparing yourself to ANY other mom, and started recognizing your own greatness

This is 100% possible for you.

This is my MISSION: to help moms love their mom life … and it starts with loving yourself, too.

Lean into that. Create the motherhood of your dreams. It's worth everything it'll take you to get there.


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