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Living in a breakthrough

One of my coaches often talks about this concept of “living in breakthrough,” and I absolutely love it. Just imagine living in breakthrough your whole life and what that would mean for you and look like for you.

I’ll tell you what it means for me, and now that I’ve incorporated that into my life, I won’t ever look back.

7 years ago, when I made my huge shifts and transformations (see Before and After post), I was living in lots of breakthrough. And then I sort of “plateaued.” I didn’t have anything major to work on, I was living in my After, and things were going good.

But here’s the thing … we never have to stop growing. And in fact, I ALWAYS want to be growing. Which means I can be constantly living in breakthrough without it being these huge fireworks-y type displays. Not huge before and afters, but microshifts.

For example, I live in breakthrough by evolving into the next version of myself on a daily basis. I wanted to become the person that gets up early, and so I did. I wanted to become the person that sets goals for herself and reaches them, and so I did. I wanted to become the person who works with 10 clients 1-on-1, and so I did. I wanted to become the person who sets deadlines for herself and meets those deadlines, and so I did. I wanted to learn how to let other people experience their emotions without my taking responsibility for it, and it’s something I’m constantly learning and working on.

That’s what living in breakthrough means—just keep on evolving, reaching new levels, and not staying at your current growth level. It’s a phenomenal way to live … and I encourage you to think of breakthroughs that you’d like in your life and go after them.


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