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Mom presence #1

The #1 thing that stops you from being present with your kids? YOUR MIND.

Present means in a particular place. Which means, when a mom says she wants to be present with her kids, she’s saying she wants her MIND to be firmly planted in her body, engaging with her kids.

So what stops you from doing that?

Thinking that something else is more important than what you are PRESENTLY doing. You get taken OUT of the present and into a different PRESENT.

The phone rings … and you automatically pick it up. Your to-do list pops into your head … and you start spacing out in the middle of your Magnatile stacking.

You see the dirty dishes in the sink … and wander over to do them, because, you know … DISHES.

See how all that’s happening here is that you’re letting your mind take over and convince you that something else is more important than the current moment—being present with your kids.

I challenge you to turn off your phone for an entire hour and plan to be fully focused on your kid/s then.


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