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Mom Trends

In the past few weeks, I’ve been having lots of different consult calls and coaching calls with a wide variety of women and moms.

And I’ve noticed something. I’ve noticed different trends in people’s thoughts.

Trend #1:

The mom who is feeling overwhelmed in life, always putting others first and therefore her own needs aren’t getting met, and in general wants to be in a different space than she is. She really wants coaching, really knows she needs it, really wants to be all in … and then she hears the cost and says, “Oh, I can’t afford that right now, maybe later.”

Trend #2:

The mom who is sick of spinning in negative thoughts, sick of feeling not good enough, sick of comparing herself to everyone else and being in survival mode. She desperately wants coaching, to learn how to manage her mind and create new thought patterns. She gets on the phone for a consult … and then says, “I don’t really have time to commit to this. Maybe after the summer when my kids are back in school.”

Trend #3:

The mom who is ready for change, ready to overcome her self-limiting beliefs, ready to go from being the mom she is to the mom she wants to be.

We get on the phone together, talk it all through, and she says, “I’m in!” And she is. 100%. Now, usually, I’ve seen this to be the mom who has some experience with investing in herself. Maybe she’s worked with a therapist, or a coach, or has a gym membership. Investing in herself is not a new thing.

Trend #3 is more rare. (Check out some feedback below from a mom of Trend #3.)

Here’s why:

Because investing in coaching is HUGELY out of your comfort zone. When you make that decision, suddenly the walls of that comfort zone begin to crumble. And THEN the magic of transformation happens.

And that got me thinking of when I'd experienced going out of my comfort zone. When I paid for my personal coach. When I paid for a program to uplevel my coaching skills (on a credit card because I didn’t have the money for it). And right now I’m on the verge of making another investment to further my skills.

First, that huge freakout. Hyperventilating. Brief sense of "I AM GOING TO DIE!"

And then … a weird feeling of possibility expanding, eyes opening, heart opening.

When you invest [scary sum] into yourself, what you're doing is you’re literally placing a BET on yourself.

You're saying, "I'm putting this money here, I am BETTING on my dream."

And as a corollary, when you DON'T invest, when you say "I just can't afford it" or "the timing isn't great" or "house repairs come first," what you're saying is "I'm not willing to bet on myself."


It's scary, yes.

And there's no way you’re gonna get anywhere without enough belief to make that bet, enough chutzpah to watch the walls of the comfort zone crumble and say, "It all starts here. I've done this scary thing because I believe in myself … and anything is possible now."

If you’re that mom that often says, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money” or “I don’t have enough self-belief”—I highly recommend you watch my 5-Minute Solution on How to Live from Abundance (on my Facebook Page:

And then I challenge you to do one small thing today to invest in yourself.

Here’s some small monetary-investment ideas: get a manicure, a massage, your favorite drink, that magazine subscription you’ve been wanting to get.

Here are some small time-investment ideas: take a much-needed nap, go on a nature walk, sit by a pool and read your favorite book, talk to your best friend on the phone for more than a quick minute.

Because you give a gift to your children when you shape yourself first. Plus, you’re worth it.


Hey! I'll give you an hour of my life to help you transform yours! Pretty cool, right? You can email me and we'll set something up.


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