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Overwhelm is optional

Many moms I work with or speak to have this number one go-to emotion in their motherhood: overwhelm.

Did you know that EVERY thought is optional? Did you know that EVERY emotion is optional? Now, that doesn’t mean it’s so easy to choose otherwise, or to change your default (it’s not easy, but it’s 100% possible).

But what it DOES mean is that overwhelm is not “just the way it is as a mother.” We very often just decide that something just IS this way.

“Motherhood is just exhausting.”

“You’re doomed to lose your sanity.”

“There goes all your personal space.”

But that takes away all our power, and gives the power to something outside of us, as if we have no control over it.

And when it comes to emotion, that is simply not true.

How do you WANT to feel about your motherhood? How do you WANT to feel in this current moment?

Choose the emotion that will serve you better (overwhelm never creates helpful results) and get to work on thinking thoughts that produce the emotion you’re looking to create.


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