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Set yourself up for success

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Cherries means summer’s coming and—

Summer = Dread.

Wait, what ??? Yep, that’s what summer used to mean for me. I love the structure of the school year. Summer meant “What do I do with my kids?” “How do I keep them entertained and keep my sanity intact?” While to some others, summer meant pool days and peaches, lazy mornings and fun outings, all I could think of was “How will I manage until September?” And if that’s you right now, mama, I hear you. I see you. I get you.

And maybe these shifts I’ve made will help you get to that place where summer DOES mean pool days and peaches.

Now I ask myself this:

How can I set myself up for success?

And I make all my decisions from that place … guilt-free.

Each summer is different, but once I come from the mindset of setting myself up for success, and meeting my own needs instead of shoving them under the surface, I look forward to the long, sunny days ahead.

I can’t wait for our cherries, our bathing suits, and our outings.

Set yourself up for success.

Happy Summer!


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