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So That

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Let's get something super clear: The very best “job” in the entire universe is being a mom. It's the single most important thing you can possibly do. The absolute greatest satisfaction a mom will get is from having kids and raising her family.

  1. Now…I didn't always truly feel that way. It wasn’t a "feel-it-strongly-in-my-core," deep-down-in-my-bones kind of belief. Beliefs are thoughts we keep on having. And I just had thoughts counter to what I wanted to believe. And all thoughts are replaceable. And all emotions are replaceable. So now I can say with absolute certainty the sentences above.

So, bear with me if your brain is having thoughts counter to the above. Nothing's gone wrong. They're just thoughts.

Try on thinking this:

I am doing the very best, most important work on planet Earth by being a mom. It's the single most important thing I can possibly do, above all else. The absolute greatest satisfaction I will ever get is from having kids and being there for my family.

When you've got a super-duper-beyond-and-above-all-else kind of a role, you're gonna wanna make sure you can show up to that role in the best possible way, right?

Here's where two words that have served me so well come in … SO THAT.

It looks like this:

I'm going to take a nap now … SO THAT I can be calm when my kids come home.

I'm exercising at the gym … SO THAT I have a strong body and can care for my family properly.

I'm starting a coaching practice … SO THAT I can bubble over with fulfillment and be a better mom (and help other moms in their super-duper important mom role).

I'm taking a break to read on the couch … SO THAT I can show my kids what it looks like to have downtime.

I'm talking to my friends on the phone … SO THAT I have adult stimulation and can then have more mental clarity to focus on kid activities.

I'm going to buy some new clothes … SO THAT I can feel good in my body as I go about my mothering.

I'm eating this nourishing food … SO THAT I can be physically strong and healthy for my family.

I could fill up multiple pages of my SO THAT list. It's a reminder of why I do anything. Sometimes, we can think that taking care of ourselves is indulgent. Or unnecessary. But it's all FOR THE SAKE OF the greatest role in the universe—our motherhood.

Make your own SO THAT list. Remind yourself of your WHY. Why you do what you do.

It can be so easy to fall into the trap that our jobs, or our talents, or our interests outside of mothering are more important. Or more worthy. But the opposite is true. They are worthy and important 100% ... SO THAT we can show up as the moms we want to be in the world.


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