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Stop beating yourself up

I still haven’t figured out why, but we women/moms are masterfully skillful at beating ourselves up. We walk around our houses with self-imposed whips over our heads: I could do better. Other people are more competent. I’m not good enough. How do other moms do it all? I’m not maximizing my potential. All of these sentences are VAGUE. And vague thoughts just fuel the self-beating whip. Mmmmm … perfect … let’s use vague language that essentially means nothing because it’s not even an investigated thought, and let’s just beat up on her. Or it could sound like: I want to be more present. I’m trying to improve. If I work harder, I’ll be able to do it. Sounds nice, right? Might seem like lovely sentences … only you’re using them to beat yourself up. Here’s the thing: you can’t hate yourself into loving yourself. You can’t beat yourself into a better version of yourself. It might sound counterintuitive, but trust me—when you accept yourself and love yourself, from that place you can grow and improve and evolve. Put down the whip, my friend.


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