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The Unsupervised Mind

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

It's not possible to write out everything that happens when our mind goes unsupervised in one blog post (hmmm..... I may have just come up with a book title for me to write one day), but I'll give you the gist of it.

Story #1: A few weeks ago, I was super sick. Like stay in bed, can't move my head, can't think straight, kind of sick. So obviously, I wasn't making phone calls or texting people. Including one of my really good friends who I'm in touch with almost daily. I was too sick to reach out (this lasted for about a week). But strangely, she wasn't calling or texting me either during that same time. And here's what my brain thought and believed to be true. "She must be mad at me." Seriously. I absolutely believed it. And so not only was I sick in bed, tossing and turning, but my mind was tossing and turning with what I could possibly have done to upset her. And then, as I'm almost 100% back to myself, I get a call from her. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry I haven't called or texted. I've been sick for the past week!" she says. I kid you not.

So while I'm thinking she's mad at me and racking my brains for what the reason could be, she's busy being sick. Here's the important question to ask yourself if you often find yourself jumping to negative conclusions:

Why would I assume a negative, when a positive can be just as likely?

Story #2: A friend of mine told me that she had watched a couple training videos that I had done. I said, "what did you think?" Her reply was, "What did you think?" My brain automatically went to she probably doesn't like them. And she just doesn't want to say so. So she's avoiding answering by asking me what I think. This was all through text, by the way. So I'm spinning into "Those were probably no good, she doesn't like them, I shouldn't have done them." And then when I actually SPOKE to her about it, she said, "No, not at all! I just didn't want you to get side-tracked by what I thought, because what you think is what matters. But I love them!"

Once again, Why would I assume a negative, when a positive can be just as likely?

Friends, this is the RESULT OF AN UN-MANAGED MIND: We let craziness take the reigns in there (imagine an unsupervised toddler loose in your home...)

Obviously these two examples are simple and harmless. But think about how many strained relationships, uncomfortable scenarios, difficult situations you find yourself in.... all because of an unmanaged mind.

I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to self-coach. To stop your brain. To have a good look at it. To ALLOW ACCESS to certain thoughts and DENY ACCESS to others. Show those unproductive thoughts the exit door.

Your life will be so much better.


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