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The why of motherhood

I love teaching my clients about powerful decision-making and how to strengthen their decision-making muscle so that they don’t live in indecision.

I also love teaching my clients about goal-setting and how to set goals that serve their desires and dreams for their life.

But with both decisions and goals, there has to be a strong WHY. WHY are you making this decision? WHY are you setting this goal?

A strong WHY is something to fall back on, to remind yourself of the reasons in the first place.

The same thing applies to our motherhood. With all the challenges and struggles that come along with motherhood, of course our brain is going to default into thinking things like, “Why am I even doing this?” “Motherhood is nuts,” “Why should I have another kid when I haven’t slept properly in three years?” And all the other chatter our brain likes to offer up.

What’s your strong WHY for motherhood? Why ARE you doing this? What’s your compelling reason? Write out a long list for yourself so you can revisit your strong why when your brain wants to throw you into confusion and doubt.


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