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There's 1001 ways to be a good mom

About 6 years ago, when I was drowning in self-loathing, not-good-enough syndrome, I remember strongly believing that I was not a good mother.

Because in my mind, a good mother meant one that loves playing blocks and toy cars on the floor with her little kids. And I definitely wasn’t loving it.

In fact, I was pretty bored with swing-pushing and tower-building, so by my definition, I wasn’t a good mother.

And then one of my mentors said something that was so profound for me (although it did take another 3 years or so before I truly believed it). She said, “You know, there’s 1001 ways to be a good mother. There’s no one way, and no right way.” It blew my mind a little. Actually, a lot.

And I went to work making that shift and truly believing that in my bones.

If you are a mother who enjoys sitting on the couch watching your kids play together (like me!) … you can be a great mom. If you are a mother who enjoys playing games and reading books … you can be a great mom.

If you are a mother who prefers to work part-time or full-time so that you can appreciate the time with your kids more … you can be a great mom. If you prefer the stage of little ones, or prefer older ages where you can have more mature conversations with your kids … it’s all OK.

Here’s my internal “rule”: I only play things with my kids that I enjoy. Because if I enjoy it, then we all have fun.

So it’s a good thing my kids are obsessed with Monopoly Deal these days, because so am I. We have loads of fun playing it together.

What do you enjoy? Do that with your kids. Remember: There’s 1001 ways to be a good mom.


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