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Time management

The amount of articles, books, podcasts, classes, you name it, on time management are endless. And often clients ask me to help them with their time management.

Here’s the thing you’ve heard me say already:

We ALL have the same amount of hours in a day. And the reason we all use them differently is not because of our lack of time management (you can’t manage time anyway :)) but because of self-management.

Are you managing your self?

Are you managing your distractions?

Are you taking control of your thoughts and brain chatter?

What are you telling yourself about time? (Most of us have many limiting beliefs around time.)

Truly, if you wanted to learn time management, you can just google it and find a plethora of information. So why didn’t that work? Because it requires self-management. And self-management can’t be googled. BUT it’s worth every ounce of effort you put into doing it, because you’ll get the effects of it by feeling like you have way more time than what you currently feel.


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