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Trying vs. Committing

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

OK, please don't tell me I'm the only one who does this: I decide on something and I don't follow through.

For example I need to get more sleep, so I'm going to go to bed earlier.

But I don't.

Or, I want to eat healthier, so I'm going to stay away from sugar and white flour.

But I don't...At least not 100%, probably not even 50%.

Are you with me? Does this happen to you constantly? Don't make me feel alone over here :)

Here's the reason why:

There's a huge difference between Trying and Committing.

Committing to go to bed earlier and eat healthier is all the difference than just Trying.

I committed to doing the Whole30 diet with some friends and family, and for an entire month I had no sweeteners and grains (and a whole bunch of other ingredients). Now that that commitment is over, I'm right back where I started. Because I'm only Trying to eat healthier.

When you make a commitment to something, you will boost your own self-confidence by following through on your own commitment.

Show yourself you believe in yourself.

Here's a commitment I made to myself: For one week, I committed to an earlier bedtime (11 pm). It worked! Next, I'm going to try one week of a 10 pm bedtime. I'll let you know how it goes :)

For the longest time, I was Trying to put my phone away from the time my kids came home until after bedtime. Guess how that turned out?

Now I've Committed to turning my phone off from the time my kids come home until after bedtime. The difference is astounding.

What have you been trying that hasn't been working? Can you commit to it?

It will be a game-changer.


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