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What are you forgetting to think?

Humans have somewhere between 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day. (I’m sure you’ve heard me say that before). That’s A LOT of thoughts. A whole lot of thoughts.

Some of them, we’re conscious of. (Why is my kid tantruming in the middle of the grocery store?!)

Some of them, not so much. (I’m no good.)

Some just flit through our minds, unacknowledged. (I need to get a handle on my parenting.)

Some thoughts, we ruminate on endlessly. (How do other moms DO THIS!?)

Some thoughts are boring. (I could use some more fruit in the house.)

I like to think of it as though we have a storehouse of thoughts.

Just because we aren’t consciously thinking a thought, doesn’t mean it isn’t available to us to pull up from our storehouse of thoughts.

For example, I had a client who said that she doesn’t express love for her kids. Of course, once we explored that statement more, we discovered that (a) she definitely feels tons of love for her kids, and (b) she definitely expresses that love, just maybe not as often as she’d like.

And we discovered that the thought “I love my kids” was absolutely in her storehouse of thoughts. Just maybe she was forgetting to think it.

We’re so much kinder to ourselves when we realize we’re just simply forgetting to think something. It’s SO different then “I’m not good because I don’t … ”

What thoughts are you forgetting to think? What do you want to pull out of your storehouse of thoughts?

Here’s a few that might resonate to get you going. But I invite you to make a list of your own:

I love my spouse and am so grateful for him/her.

I love my kids.

Parenting can be the hardest job in the world, and still the best one.

Hard can be beautiful.

I love myself.

My life is wonderful just the way it is.

I am wonderful just the way I am.

I am the perfect mother for my child/ren.


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