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What's your belief threshold?

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Let's imagine we're hanging out on a hammock together (I love hammocks!). We're sitting side by side ... it's a gorgeous day ... the sun is shining ... there's a slight breeze whispering through our hair. You're getting the picture, right?

So then we start chatting. You start telling me everything you had imagined would have played out for you in your life. Where you thought you'd be at this point. Your crushed dreams. Your dashed hopes. Your successes. Your wins. Your passions. Your ups and downs. Your hopes for the future.

And then... your beliefs about yourself. And maybe you're not sure. Maybe you're unclear. Maybe you're scared to believe in yourself that much. As if there's only a certain amount of belief that's "safe" to have about yourself.

To that, I say;

Believe in yourself so much that the world thinks you're crazy. Then believe in yourself some more.

I believe in my clients hard. I believe for them when their belief threshold is low. I know what they're capable of. I know they'll get where they want to be. I don't doubt. I hold that space for them. My belief threshold for them is HIGH.

Imagine ...

Loving yourself for who you currently ARE, and cheering yourself on to become who you know you could BE.

Accepting motherhood for what it is, and being kind to yourself through your motherhood journey.

Not making your 'mistakes' and 'failures' mean anything about YOU.

Bubbling over with excitement daily because of what you're filling your life WITH.

Not passing on to your kids whatever you don't like that you "received" from your parents (usually it's your mom 😀. Perhaps it's low self-esteem, being very self-critical, talking to your kids in a way you don't want to...etc)

What if I told you that all of the above is 100% possible for you? Believe it. It's possible.

Believe in yourself so much that the world thinks your crazy. Then believe in yourself some more.

Have a belief-filled day.


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