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Your greatest contribution

I had a fascinating discussion with a group of people about life and death. And one person said, “I’m scared of dying without making a contribution.”

That line stuck with me.

What does it mean to make a contribution? And what is the greatest contribution we could possibly make?

So of course I went to look up the word contribution, and it’s defined as the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance.

Making a contribution to the world means helping the world advance. Of course, we could all choose many ways to help the world advance.

But is it possible to NOT make a contribution? Is it possible for a person to live and die WITHOUT making a contribution? And what would the GREATEST contribution look like?

Here’s what I came up with:

The greatest contribution you can give the world is … YOURSELF. The only thing that is truly unique in this world is YOU.

Jobs are not unique. There are plenty of teachers, life coaches, doctors, and interior designers.

Talents are not unique. There are plenty of talented musicians, artists, and singers.

But there is only one YOU. There is absolutely zero replication of your unique self. And so the greatest contribution you can possibly make to the world is giving the world your full, unedited, unheld-back version of YOU. Put ALL of you into your surroundings. Don’t hold back. The world needs you. It needs your voice. It needs your mind. It needs your passion.

You will make a contribution to this world no matter what. Because you exist. But go one step further—give the world the GREATEST CONTRIBUTION. The world needs you.


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