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Do you want to get some more energy?

Minimalism seems to be ‘a thing’ these days. I’m all for it, but I am quite far from mastering any of it 😂 . Probably the opposite - my husband and I look at each other with any particular item and think, “Hm… we should keep it. It might come in handy someday.” (Usually … it doesn’t)

But there are some things we can acquire “more of” that doesn’t cost money, and doesn’t take up any physical space in our homes… and therefore I highly recommend it…. And you can still call yourself a minimalist. SO, here are 10 energy draining activities (besides for lack of food, sleep, or exercise), and simply by working to eliminate these activities, you will gain more energy.

10 energy draining things besides for lack of food, sleep, exercise:

  1. Compare and despair - yep, that good ol’ syndrom that often feels like a cozy blanket because we’re just so used to it, but in reality ugh… so draining. You can watch my 5-minute solution on that here.

  2. Cognitive load - That’s a fancy way for saying all the input you get in your brain from the world around you. You can read more about that here.

  3. Indecision - personally, I find indecision extremely draining. But you can learn to become a powerful quick decision maker. Here’s my process.

  4. Choices - quite similar to indecision (we’re usually indecisive when we have a lot of choices. And all those choices add to our cognitive load).

  5. An unmanaged mind - (yep, that’s the power of coaching. You learn to manage your mind which = more energy!)

  6. Image maintenance - you can read more about that here.

  7. Emotions like confusion, anxiety, overwhelm (thinking about what needs to happen when you can’t do it) (once again, the power of coaching. You learn to manage your emotions which = more energy!)

  8. Mind looping - that’s like indulgent thinking. You just repeat the same thoughts over and over again. You go back to already made decisions and try to re-think it. You’ve moved on from a certain topic, and yet your brain wants to pull you back in.

  9. Seeing the same things (undone) over and over on your to do list - which is exactly why I recommend getting rid of your to do list and calendarizing instead (you can watch my tutorial on Time-Management in The Confident Chabad Mom Tribe)

  10. Trying to come up with 10 things and your brain only comes up with 9 … but then you feel like you HAVE to come up with another thing because the title is “10 things…” so then you drive yourself nuts and come up blank ….. (Now you can insert the ways you make yourself crazy here, and trust me, it’s exhausting).

Let’s be energy-increasing MAXIMILISTS, ok? What increases your energy? What do you have to drop in order to gain more energy?


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